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Five Points is due for a well-earned makeover in the coming years.
The Five Points streetscape will receive a well-earned makeover, to the benefit of Riverside Avondale residents.

Riverside Avondale Preservation Society has some major plans on the drawing board for a comprehensive Five Points makeover. Plans will incorporate both aesthetic and functional improvements, making it safer, more walkable, and more diverse in its eating, drinking and entertainment offerings.

The Five Points Plan was presented at the February Riverside Avondale Preservation society meeting, with the primary stakeholders, the Five Points Merchants Association, and many Riverside Avondale residents in attendance.



1828 Powell Pl Historic Home for Sale Tour

“Market Masters” in Historic Avondale

Just because Avondale is an historic neighborhood, that doesn't mean that prices are out of reach for first time homebuyers, and folks looking to downsize and (finally) flee suburbia for good.

But buying or selling an Historic home in a neighborhood like Avondale is an art, a science, and sometimes, pure gut feel on the part of our Jax FL Realty crew, who know this area intimately – at the street level. That means being “Market Masters” in Historic Avondale -- knowing about every home on every street, what’s selling, what’s not, who’s buying what and for how much. It’s being able to look into the future and see what the Historic Avondale market will look like three, six, 12 months from now.

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