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Historic Avondale is a far cry from suburbia, and that’s a beautiful thing. Historic Avondale is home to Bloom Realty.  We live here, work here – we eat and drink (sometimes too much), right here.  If you lived here, you’d know exactly what we’re talking about.

Living in Historic Avondale is like coloring outside the lines.  It’s taste, culture and diversity that define our Historic Avondale lifestyle.  And it’s way, way outside the realm of the frenzied, cookie cutter suburban enclave.  

Spend a day hitting the sidewalks, or hanging out at the [the absolute best] bars and restaurants in town, and you’ll get the feeling we at Bloom Realty enjoy every day in Historic Avondale.  And as Avondale “Market Masters,” we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Bloom Realty, nothing’s more important (and fun) than helping our clients achieve the dream of living in Historic Avondale. Some home buyers assume this dream is out of reach, because, after all, this is Historic Avondale.  Well it’s not out of reach. There’s something for everyone in Avondale. Let us prove it.

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