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Bloom Realty Unveils Avondale Historic Homes

Bloom Realty is unveiling it’s new “” site. It’s everything Avondale, from the home buying and selling experience, market analysis, inventory, culture, diversity and stunning geography of a truly one-of-a-kind community.


Bloom Realty’s Avondale Historic Homes is a one stop Avondale real estate source.

There’s a single home search portal, exclusive to Avondale. There are answers to questions that would only come up in a place like Avondale. What do I need to know when I’m buying a historic property?  It’s complicated when you’re faced with decisions about rehabbing an historic home, retaining the character of the period, assessing the true value and paying the right price home that may have a totally unique appeal to the home right next door, or down the street.

With Avondale Historic Homes, Bloom Realty gives you what only Bloom Realty can. It comes from a combination of our working, living, buying, selling and investing right in the Avondale neighborhood.

There is no one type of “Historic” home. There’s a mix of styles, eras, conditions. Buying a home, and pricing and selling your home, require a specialist in a textured community like Avondale. So welcome to Bloom Realty’s newest website.


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1261 Challen Ave Historic Home for Sale Tour

Jax FL Realty is not a national database Real Estate company. We’re a neighborhood, local, Historic Avondale business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Historic Avondale, you’re going to have to look a whole lot deeper than Zillow, Trulia or Jax FL Realty is part of the fabric of Historic Avondale, like the Shoppes along St. Johns Avenue, a run with the dogs in Boone Park, burgers at The Brick or Bread Pudding at Biscotti’s.

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