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OMD! (Oh Mon Dieu). Le Macaron Coming to Avondale!

Lemacaron hails from Sarasota, and is coming to The Shoppes of Avondale.
The Shoppes of Avondale welcomes a new luxurious selection of French pastries at Le Macaron.

In Avondale, you can savor the fine restaurants and cafes. You can taste the wine, cheese and chocolate. It may sound like a Parisian dream, but it’s reality for residents of Avondale.

The Shoppes of Avondale will soon welcome Le Macaron French Pastries. Le Macaron features a seemingly endless selection of ever so delicate, crisp-on-the-outside, decadent-on-the-inside French patisserie macarons, (and please don’t call them macaroons).

Le Macaron will set up shop in The Shoppes of Avondale this Summer.

Coming in the Spring, Le Macaron offers that signature French delicacy in a myriad of flavors and fillings. 

The Macaron is an expertly prepared French treat.

The Macaron is a delicate, crispy and decadent treat, and you can them at Le Macaron in Avondale.

Le Macaron French Pastries hails from Sarasota, and has already set up shop in Jacksonville at The Avenues Mall on the Southside. Their menu of macarons pays homage to the luxurious French confection, with colorful meringue-like egg white and sugar cookie on the outside and variety of flavors and textures in the middle.

Life in Avondale is perfectly suited for a shop like Le Macaron. It’s enjoying the good things, and having an appreciation for taking the time to do things the right, allowing yourself a little luxury. 


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