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Riverside Avondale Preservation Names New Executive Director

New Executive Director named for Riverside Avondale Preservation Society

John Gorrie Dog Park, Community Garden,  Spring Home Tour and Luminaria all on the schedule for RAP in 2016.

Congratulations to our new Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) Executive Director Adrienne Burke! Adrienne steps in after former Executive Director Carmen Godwin hands over the reigns. Carmen was a strong and dedicated Riverside Avondale Preservation Executive Director for eight years, and she did a fabulous job leading RAP's efforts. Carmen is keeping her hands in historic work, as she takes on the role of Program Manager for the Florida Association of Museums.

Our new Executive Director, Adrienne Burke, is currently Director of Community Development for the City of Fernandina Beach. She's led Fernandina Beach's historic preservation efforts, highlighted by Fernandina's "Main Street" designation by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Under Adrienne's leadership, the city developed a master plan for the historic Bosque Bello Cemetery, and attained a coveted historic designation for Peck High School. Adrienne holds a law degree from the University of Florida, and an advanced degree in Historic Preservation.

And Riverside Avondale Preservation has much to do in the coming months and years. Lots of important projects are on the table, such as the upcoming John Gorrie Dog Park, Community Garden and popular annual city-wide events like the Spring Home Tour and Luminaria.

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