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Some Avondale Southern Roots. South Kitchen & Spirits

South Kitchen & Spirits Rendering
South Kitchen & Spirits Restaurant Rendering

Look for a new Avondale eatery in early 2016.  Construction has begun at 3638 Park Street for South Kitchen & Spirits, a 220-seat restaurant brought to you by chef Brian Siebenschuh
. He’s got an impressive Jacksonville culinary resume, which includes his work at Crush and Orsay in Avondale, located just down the block.

It’s just like it sounds -- Southern cuisine, which will include a section for family style dining. Making the “Old Southern” food new again is a talent that has already proven to be a winner in the Riverside/Avondale Area, based on the success of restaurants like Sbraga & Company in Brooklyn/Riverside.

You’ll have the option going the communal route, where family style entrees could include whole roasted chicken, fish fry platters and stuffed trout with cornbread and country ham. 

South Kitchen & Spirits will serve lunch with lighter fare like sandwiches and wraps. The prices will be popular too, with lunch around $8 to $11, and dinner entrees from between $13 $20-ish.

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