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Five Points is due for a well-earned makeover in the coming years.
The Five Points streetscape will receive a well-earned makeover, to the benefit of Riverside Avondale residents.

Riverside Avondale Preservation Society has some major plans on the drawing board for a comprehensive Five Points makeover. Plans will incorporate both aesthetic and functional improvements, making it safer, more walkable, and more diverse in its eating, drinking and entertainment offerings.

The Five Points Plan was presented at the February Riverside Avondale Preservation society meeting, with the primary stakeholders, the Five Points Merchants Association, and many Riverside Avondale residents in attendance.


There's a variety of Bruschettas daily on the menu at The French Pantry.
There's a variety of Bruschettas daily on the menu at The French Pantry.

Lunchtime in Avondale and Murray Hill just got more interesting. The French Pantry produces hour-long waiting lines, even in the scorching heat, at its Powers Avenue location. Yes, it's that good. The current Edgewood Bakery in Murray Hill will be transformed into The French Pantry, and Avondale and Murray Hill will be home to only the second location for this massively popular lunchtime destination. This is another example of Murray Hill's vibrant redevelopment effort. 



Avondale Supports Farmer's Row at RAM

RAM is open 10 - 4 March through December

Avondale folks like it fresh -- and if you're an Avondale resident who hasn't been to Farmers Row at the Riverside Arts Market, or RAM, you're missing out.  Farmers Row organizers have worked hard to deliver a selection from local producers, as they like to say, "grown with love."

Get ready for the RAP Tour of Homes in April.
Every year, it's a new experience on the two-day Riverside Avondale Preservation Tour of Homes.
Avondale and Riverside Spring Tour of Homes is slated for April 16 and 17th, and the Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) society is it hard at work scheduling the slate of stunning Avondale and Riverside homes for the self guided, two day tour.
Each and every Spring, Riverside Avondale Historic District residents open their doors to guests who want a glimpse into the most beautiful historic homes in the city, or for that matter, anywhere in the U.S.  


Dreamette bringing its unique brand of deliciousness to the Beaches.
Dreamette has been an Avondale and Murray Hill staple since 1948. 

Why do Avondale and Murray Hill dwellers love Dreamette? Simple, real ice cream, pure, delicious, no frills, cash only, and we'll wait on line on a hot summer night along with other souls just like us. The frozen yogurt-and-toppings craze of the last 10 years are of little interest to the purists among us, and Dreamette has been filling our critical craving in Avondale and Murray Hill since 1948.

More smaller restaurant may be able to serve hard liquor in Avondale.

Avondale restaurants smaller than 200 seats may qualify for a boost in revenue du to alchohol sales. 

The subject of Avondale restaurants is on the menu as lawmakers head to Tallahassee for the next legislative session.

Florida Representative Reggie Fullwood (Avondale) is going to bring up legislation that would enable more bars and restaurants in Avondale and Riverside to serve hard liquor. Under the current law, Avondale restaurants must have at least 200 seats to serve liquor beyond beer and wine. If Representative Fullwood’s bill is successful, restaurants as small as 100 seat capacity would be able to serve hard liquor.  

Beacon Riverside had sold only 25 percent of its units since its announcement in 2013. About 25 percent of the Beacon Riverside units were pre-sold since the announcement in 2013.

With a lack of pre-sales at the Beacon Riverside, a 16-story Riverside/Avondale waterfront high-rise announced in 2013, developers have put a hold on the project. Due to start construction in early 2014, the project’s developer, NAI Hallmark Partners, has not had the robust sales predicted, with only about 25 percent of the units pre-sold. About half of the 45 units needed to be sold for construction to commence on schedule.  

New Avondale Leash Free Dog Park Coming Soon!


The park will extend all the way under the Fuller Warren Bridge.

Rendering of the John Gorrie Dog Park, announcing January 2014, coming soon to Avondale.

Avondale dog owners: Itching to let the dogs out? Need to let Fido run as free as the wind blows? Thanks to dog lovers and some generous donors, the new John Gorrie Dog Park, announced in early 2014, is closer than ever. The $300,000 price tag is being covered by the diligent and dedicated fundraising effort started by Riverside families and the Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) Society.

Bloom Realty Unveils Avondale Historic Homes

Bloom Realty is unveiling it’s new “” site. It’s everything Avondale, from the home buying and selling experience, market analysis, inventory, culture, diversity and stunning geography of a truly one-of-a-kind community.



South Kitchen & Spirits Rendering
South Kitchen & Spirits Restaurant Rendering

Look for a new Avondale eatery in early 2016.  Construction has begun at 3638 Park Street for South Kitchen & Spirits, a 220-seat restaurant brought to you by chef Brian Siebenschuh
. He’s got an impressive Jacksonville culinary resume, which includes his work at Crush and Orsay in Avondale, located just down the block.


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