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There's a variety of Bruschettas daily on the menu at The French Pantry.
There's a variety of Bruschettas daily on the menu at The French Pantry.

Lunchtime in Avondale and Murray Hill just got more interesting. The French Pantry produces hour-long waiting lines, even in the scorching heat, at its Powers Avenue location. Yes, it's that good. The current Edgewood Bakery in Murray Hill will be transformed into The French Pantry, and Avondale and Murray Hill will be home to only the second location for this massively popular lunchtime destination. This is another example of Murray Hill's vibrant redevelopment effort. 



Dreamette bringing its unique brand of deliciousness to the Beaches.
Dreamette has been an Avondale and Murray Hill staple since 1948. 

Why do Avondale and Murray Hill dwellers love Dreamette? Simple, real ice cream, pure, delicious, no frills, cash only, and we'll wait on line on a hot summer night along with other souls just like us. The frozen yogurt-and-toppings craze of the last 10 years are of little interest to the purists among us, and Dreamette has been filling our critical craving in Avondale and Murray Hill since 1948.

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