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Jax FL Realty’s takes pride in being the new go-to source for sellers listing their Avondale home. At Jax FL Realty, we see Avondale as more than a zip code. Avondale is a celebration of the unique – the anti cookie-cutter appeal that your potential buyers want when you’re selling your Avondale home.

Determining the value of a truly unique Avondale home is as much an art as a science. It requires Jax FL Realty’s deep understanding of the Avondale micromarket, especially what homes are selling for, so you can get the most out of selling your Avondale home.

Historic homes constitute a mix of styles, eras, conditions, and there’s a lot to know when you’re pricing and selling a home. Unlike the suburban, cookie-cutter neighborhoods, pricing a home in Avondale is not a quick and dirty decision. Your home’s unique appeal needs to appreciated, and taken into full consideration. There may be no other home exactly like yours on your street, and it’s up to us to leverage that uniqueness to get you the optimal price when you go to sell.

We live and work in Avondale. Jax FL Realty is involved in local neighborhood associations, which keeps us up to date on the growing changing commercial mix, and the breadth of home price points that constitute the diverse Avondale community.

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