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Avondale Historic Home Buyers

Everything Avondale. That’s the message behind Jax FL Realty’s new website to help the Avondale homebuyer keep up with the surge of popularity in one of the most desirable and unique neighborhoods in Jacksonville, and for that matter, in all of the United States.

Jax FL Realty’s celebrates the appeal of the community’s truly one-of-a-kind homes, set far apart from the vanilla, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that are ever present in and around Jacksonville.

There are so many styles of historic homes, and so much to know when you’re buying a historic property. It’s complicated when you’re faced with decisions about rehabbing an historic home, retaining the character of the period, assessing the true value and paying the right price home that may have a totally unique appeal to the home right next door, or down the street.

It’s a combination of our working and living right in the Avondale neighborhood that gives Jax FL Realty the edge over other area Real Estate firms. We maintain very close contact with all the neighborhood associations, the changing commercial mix, and constant stream of new homes for sale, with varying price points and home styles. Jax FL Realty has all the data, all the relationships to know what the Avondale buyer’s market is all about, in a neighborhood like no other.

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